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Meet Dr. Kate

Dr. Kate Roberts is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified school psychologist who graduated from Boston University in 1985 and from the University of Rhode Island doctoral program in clinical psychology in 1992.  Learn more…

New Reality Parenting

New Reality Parenting teaches parents to be real in our multi-tasking, ever changing world.

New Reality Parenting teaches a method to the madness of 21stcentury parenting. Come in for three sessions of assessment and leave with a solution playbook of strategies to use in the moment at home… Learn More


Short Shop Solution’s
Short shop solution’s teaches fathers how kid time, can be the best times. Fathers today want the most of their limited child time…. Learn More

Dr. Kate’s Quick Fixes
Fast, easy Fixes that solutions to end power struggles over bedtime, homework, technical devices and everything battleable. Begin connecting, stop rejecting…. Learn More

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment
In today’s competitive world, everyone goes for the edge. Parents hold their child back from kindergarten a year to give them the advantage…. Learn More

Best Student Assessment
What parent would not want to know their child’s preferred learning style? Are they someone who learns through listening or maybe they like to see the world in visuals…. Learn More

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